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To compile and run these tutorials some or all of these libraries are required: FreeImage 3.16.0, GLEW 1.11.0, GLUT 3.7.6 / GLUT for Dev-C++, GLM
3D game editor
This will be a very long term project. You won't find the functionality you're looking for in the 3d_game_editor.zip project, because at this point it's divided into 3 other tutorials:
Object editor
No news.
Scene editor
New features:
  • game mode (F7)
  • collision detection (functional, updated, usable, should work for all cases)
  • gravity
  • jump
  • crouch
  • 3 scenes (with stairs) included
Terrain editor
New features:
  • loading terrain from a height map texture
  • displaying terrain map
  • faster water rendering
  • wireframe disabling
  • one 256 x 256, one 512 x 512 and one 1024 x 1024 height map textures included
3d_game_editor.zip (Visual Studio 2005 Professional)

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